Innovation by XComponent

The market cycles are becoming shorter, the technologies are in perpetual evolution and a chokepoint has been created between IT and Business.

The real time has become a solution to be able to drive your daily business operations faster, to be more competitive and improved your business benefits.

XComponent is specialized in real time solutions since 2009.

Design your real time business decision making


XComponent provides real time communication between the components for your projects. It handles real time for data integration and decision making with a short break event.

XComponent automatizes, tests, runs and delivers business components for you with agility and robustness.

  • Real time data on demand
  • Real time predictive analysis
  • Real time performance
  • Real time STP (Straight Through Processing)
  • We focus on innovation, performance, scalability, independence and availability whereby you can focus on decision making with the right information at the right time to the right business user.

    Everybody knows that time is money. Through XComponent, you can take benefit on:

  • Custom global & details views
  • Custom alerts depending on your needs
  • Taping into your knowledge to tie measurable ROI to business strategy and organizational KPIs
  • Empower team members to link business strategy to programs they deploy and measure
  • XComponent provides ROI by reducing the action time to a specific level based on your needs

    Design natively optimized projects and applications exploiting XComponent performances while defining from the start new business perspectives.

    XComponent helps you to remove the barriers between operational and decision support.

    Go ahead! By skipping and forgetting redundant integrations and delivery processes letting XComponent factorizing and reusing complete set of tools.

    Support can handle the concept of real time and use it to be more predictive and react faster giving more competitivity to your company.

    XComponent handles all freeing business teams from technical issues :

  • Update real time component instantly
  • Keep the data stable
  • Fully agnostic
  • Easy to use

  • Type of use cases

    > <
    • Marketing
    • Product Pricing
    • Finance Retail
    • Sales forecast
    • Order Management
    • Fraud Detection
    • Claims Processing
    • Automated Loan
    • Credit Car Processing
    • Customer Portofolio
    • Financial Reporting
    • Risk Management
    • Quality Control
    • Maintenance
    • Report

    Product features