Simplifying the development and operation of microservices for modern applications



“Microservice architectural style is an approach to develop a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms. These services are built around business capabilities and independently deployable by fully automated deployment machinery.”

- James Lewis & Martin Fowler
- James Lewis & Martin Fowler

IT and Business Alignment


With a small full stack devops team dedicated to a business unit, agility is driven by the direct involvement of IT.

Features Granularity

features granularity

Each team delivers a set of clearly defined business features, better controlling development costs and improving time to market.

Services Independence

services indepence

The split of application complexity in small, independent units reduces architectural complexity for all stakeholders.

Agile Development

agile development

Facilitate the use of agile methodologies and continuous delivery for faster development and release cycles.


It provides programmers, development teams and operations engineers a unified platform leveraging the benefits of the real-time and distributed architecture of modern applications.

Components based on State Machines

Splitting an application into small, independent units reduces architectural complexity for all stakeholders.

Assemble Components in microservices

Define communication between Components by linking them, and define your microservices as sets of Components in a Composition.

In a single view, you can see how Components exchange information, and you have the ability to size or resize microservices by combining Components according to technical or business constraints.

Create the APIs

From a Composition, you can define self-documented APIs exposting your microservices without writing a single line of code. APIs can be consumed in different ways: as RESTful APIs (a Swagger descriptor is provided), through Websockets, via NodeJS or through XComponent’s native publish/subscribe mode.

Advanced wizards also let you generate applications and proxies based on APIs description.

Share microservices in Gallery

Publish and share your microservices.

XComponent Gallery gives access to a panel of open-source microservices and applications developed by the community. It brings the benefits of DevOps & Continuous Delivery through a common repository where programmers, development teams and operations engineers share and operate microservices and applications.

Control microservices in AC2

XComponent Application Control Center (AC2) provisions hardware, deploys, monitors, starts/stops and repairs applications in real-time, while respecting microservice dependencies.

It facilitates and strengthens the work of IT operations by automating these repetitive tasks.

XComponent can be easily installed via NuGet or Chocolatey.

Plan & Pricing

  • Plan
  • XComponent Studio
  • Design Components
  • Assemble Components in microservices
  • Expose APIs for Microservices
  • Advanced teamwork features
  • Microservices generator
  • Customized SLA
  • XComponent Gallery
  • XComponent AC2
  • Cloud deployment
  • Support
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  • Free for individual use
  • Multi-tenant
  • Community Forums
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