voxxed days 2018 – microservices

about voxxed days

Meet us at Voxxed Days Microservices! A new event focused purely on Microservices. Yes, two days of conferences and one workshop day (optional) just on Microservices.

  • You’ve heard of Microservices? Come and learn some more.
  • You struggle with Microservices? We’ll help you soothe the pain.
  • You are an expert on Microservices? Share your knowledge with the others.
  • Your company build Microservices? Come and talk about it.


XComponent support Voxxed Days Microservices as a Nano Sponsor.


Our expert Marcos will be demonstrating XC Koordinator as a Tool In Action:

Hybrid batch and stream processing – meeting the global business requirements of an organization.

The need to integrate existing batch and stream processing microservices in business relevant scenarios put pressure on companies’ IT department, to enable these new use cases while still respecting security, auditability and repeatability constraints; and avoiding risks incurred when giving access to company data and tools to a wider set of stakeholders.

In this talk, we’ll present Invivoo’s solution to this problem called XComponent Koordinator. It consists of a central point of access to enterprise’s data and computation resources. Where available resources are referred on a catalog, and business people can create new semi-automated integration scenarios.

You want to learn more about XComponent ? Meet us at our booth in the Espace Charenton!


29 & 30 Octobre 2018



08:00 – 18:30


Espace Charenton